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EKAI Electric Group Co., Ltd. & Shanghai EK Investment Group Co., Ltd. is the big and Non regional enterprise groups, China Top 10 leading manufacturerin electric field, researching and producing high voltage and Low voltage electric components, high voltage and Low voltage switchgears, power transformer, special transformer, box type substation and Powerautomation products. We have passed ISO9000, ISO14000 and OHSAS18000certificates, a good run and efficient enterprise management system.

EKAIhas good performance in the market in the long time, product quality acceptedby the market and company reputation is high in the society, we have thefollowing honor from the Chinese Government, and Chinese Electric Association,Main national honor: ”China famous trade mark” National inspection-freeproduct”, Regional honor :”Shanghai famous brand”, Association honor: ”ChinaElectric field Top 10 company”  “Chinahigh reputation company” ”AAA credit company”.
EKAI established technical cooperation with GE, ABB, Schneider, Muller, FUJICompany, producing World-class level high technology products.

EKAIElectric Group is the qualified supplier for GE all over the world, closedbusiness partners with ABB, Golden business partner with Schneider, technicalcooperation partner with Muller and FUJI Company.

In2010 EKAI Groupestablished intelligent electric research institute composed of 22 Doctors,successfully developed “Optical fiber type electronic transformer”"Intelligent vacuum circuit breaker” and” Smart small switch cabinet”,these three most advanced electrical products developed successfully, it marksEKAI Group has the first-class level technology R & D capability in theworld

Capital:220 million RMB, Fixed assets: 550 million RMB.

Area:127000,Total employee:3500, Registered employees: 1100, Total number ofadministrative/technical staff : 400, 2012 total sales volume:  1.32 billion RMB.(Domestic sales: 1.1billion, RMB Export sales: 220 Million RMB)

Address:No100-116, Yezhuang Road,Fengxian district, shanghai, china.

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Contact person:Paul Xie
Address:No.100-116 Yezhuang Road Fengxian District Shanghai China